This is how it feels....

On happy news, I'm glad to announce that M.B. Whimsical has officially graduated from High School.

Yes, I'm excited about this new kind of freedom I'm about to begin. I'm excited about what's next, about making it happen, my dreams. I'm excited about college and everything I'll learn.
But honestly, I'm kinda nostalgic. And scared.

Allright, I'm terrified. And when I say nostalgic I mean at the verge of tears.

I guess I can't believe it's actually over. I mean, it's something we have always known would be over, but it is over...it's that kind of things you think you understand but when they happen you realize you don't. This is about your whole life changing, it's not about just leaving for the summer and then coming back for another school year, this is about real life.

It's about no more hanging out with your friends because you'll be miles apart. And yes we'll see each other on holidays and whatever, but it's hard to grasp that it will never ever be the same.
It's about leaving home and everything it implies. A safety net. If anything happened to us, we knew back home it would all be all right. Nothing will ever replace the warmth of our beds and home made meal, and lazy late Sunday brunches.

It's like we've been on rehearsals and we're about to start performing. And we are. We've spent the past 18 years get prepared for life, theoretically, but in reality, what is real life? Do these 18 years count as real life? Or does it begin the moment we start taking care of ourselves? (and I mean real care)
Our decisions will be now be ours and no one else's. No more mom and dad cleaning up messes our decisions caused. No more excuses, ever.
And I guess that will be one of the hardest parts of breaking out into real life.
Everything we've lived has been like virtual.
We can't help but as ourselves "Are we ready for this?" "Will we make it out there? Will we survive?"
And I can answer myself this: Will I survive? Yes, I will survive (Please don't start singing!) But I don't wanna just survive. It's not enough. Not for me.
And it's a scary thought. But everything in this life(real or virtual) is scary at first isn't it?
You just have to close your eyes and count 1,2,3 and jump.

But of course, it's always easier to say it than to do it.
It's really hard to think that we're never coming back.

All graduated, please listen to "The Graduation Song" by Vitamin C. I've been told it's really iconic up in the U.S., but I had never listened to it before a month ago.
It describes perfectly and exactly how I feel.

For now all I can really say is I'll never forget that night in June.

Infinite x's & o's...
M.B. Whimsical


Summer Essentials 2008

Hello, hello sunshines!

Summer's less than a week away, how exciting is that?
I love summer, it's just too full of surprises. Summer's a time for dreamers.

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Either if you are in NYC, having the time of your life interning at some fashion magazine ( like Casey), or just living your dream like Gala; sunbathing in Santorini, Ibiza, ou Bourdeux; traveling around Europe with nothing more than a backpack, a guitar and a camera; like me, moving away from home and starting a whole new different phase of your life, or working your buts off the whole summer, there a few things you should not forget.

So I give you... M.B. Whimsical's Summer 2008 Essentials.

  • Summer's a time for celebration. Dress up and go out dancing. Black in the summer (as weird as it may sound) can't go wrong.
    Now, SHOES! This summer make a statement. Hot prints, brights, or just go classy, that never, ever goes out.

  • Carry an over sized clutch during the day, a small, elegant one during the night.
    Don't forget a practical, but cute tote or messenger bag to carry around your trinkets.
    A hot pink is perfect.

  • Inside your previously - selected bag carry everything you think is indispensable for your day. Take a trip to the park or the beach and greet the sun rays. Throw in your towel, your ipod, sunglasses, and some suncreen. Take your all-time favorite book and re-read it. Again. Take a cute notebook and a pretty coloured pen and write all your dreams and life plans. Or just a random notebook. Feel the breeze in your face, the sun in your skin, squeeze the sand between your toes and let your hand roam freely.

  • Make a point on not forgetting your sunglasses and sunscreen.
    "Wrinkles and creases are for "it" bags and old love letters." - Gala Darling.

  • Cute accesories.

  • Rosy cheeks are very summer-like. Tarte's cheekstain is beyond perfect.

  • Hats. Headbands. Headscarves. Turbans. Go head over heels.
    Wear some huge sunglasses and pretend your a star hiding from the paparazzis.
    A coy smile would be your best accesory.

  • If your going away, pretty and feminine luggage is key. It makes you feel like a real jetsetter. A cute passport holder wouldn't hurt.
    And I have the perfect soundtrack for you: Jetsetter by Morningwood.
    And the perfect outfit.
    Have a safe flight!

  • A bottle of water.

  • A dreamy and happy disposition for everything summer has in store for you.

  • And most important of all, a camera so you can document all your adventures.
    While you're at it, you can use a Moleskine or some cute notebook too, so you keep track of your summer lovin' days.

Have an outrageous summer my sweets. Make the most of it! Have fun. Smile. Blow kisses. Make bubbles. Swim. Make a cocktail night with your friends. Eat lots of sushi. Download lots of good music. Dance like crazy. Watch lots of movies. Make something artistic. Buy balloons, and give away flowers.
Whatever you do make a statement. You are doing it anyway, and because of that it's already wonderful. (Someone has been reading too many Notes from the Universe hehe!)

And please remeber: Carpe diem sunshines! Summer goes by pretty fast!

Infinite x's & o's...
M.B. Whimsical.


Hey, Mickey!

(product information)

I want to dress like Mickey Mouse so badly.

Infinite x's & o's...
M.B. Whimsical.