Fall/Winter 08

This are the somethings I need/would like to have this fall/winter season. It's getting colder every day and I'm hardly prepared for it. 
(Note: this are random things I want, not necessarily trends from the runways or anything)

  1. A leather jacket. I spotted one the other day at the mall, and I'm so going back for it.
  2. I come from a place that is horribly hot, so winter for us is so light. But now I'm living in a another, way colder city, so I need coats and peacotas. I want colorful ones. Making-a-statement ones.
  3. Cardigans for everyday.
  4. Tights. Patterened tights and colorful tights. 
  5. Skirts, lots of skirts to wear with tights.
  6. Black dresses and pink dresses.
  7. A pair of black boots, a pair of b&w oxfords and a pair of color-shocking heels, like those hot pink ones.
  8. Gloves! I love gloves. Scarves and lots os brooches to pin them on scarves. Also, very thin belts.
  9. Lousy Shirts/blouses. Extra points if they have a tie/ribbon, a la Salvador DalĂ­.
  10. An oversized clutch and a very classic handbag.
  11. Lots of headwear, a red or fuscia knitted beret, and feathered headbands.
And that's it.
My quest for these items has already begun. What are you craving for this season?

Infinite x's & o's...
 M.B. Whimsical.


Tales of Late September


" And it even sounds like it should. Awwww - tuhmmm - naaaal.
The awe of what has just happened, the awe of the possibilities. And the soothing tuhm of the tummy, nestled into the promise of warm soups and stews and sobblers. And then there's the nel - a death knell being a sad thing, but really just a harkening of what's about to happen." 
 - From Claire Colburn's America, Elizabethtown movie. 

Aaahh...autumn. I love autumn. It's the perfect balance between beginnings and endings. 
The year's almost over, leaves fall, only to bloom again in the spring.  
The chill drifts over, forcing us to find refugee in cozy and stylish coats. We can feel the year coming to an end. 
But at the same time Fall, is all about beginnings. It makes me feel like buying school supplies. 
It's such a childhood image, you know, greeting friends, sharing over-the-summer-adventures, making new friends...
Isn't fall wonderful? It just holds such a promise of new in its chilly air.
Does it not?

Infinite x's & o's...
 M.B. Whimsical.



I'm shocked. I have been so World Wide Web deprived that I wasn't even  aware of Gossip Girl's re-commencement. OMFG.
Can't wait for more Blair Waldorf juicyness!

infinite x's & o's...
 M.B. Whimsical.


yes...she's alive!

I know, I know...again, it's been a month since I last posted here!
But hey, a lot has been going on. I am now in college, I live in another city, I've made new friends...you know.
Actually tomorrow it'll be an exact month since I left home. 

You may think I'm not really comitted to blogging, well I'm not a full-time blogger, I have school and stuff, besides I don't currently have internet in my new apartment, the internet company has taken forever to come and install it. (I'm stealing internet from my neighbor at the moment)...

and you know, I have many big plans for this blog, but patience is a virtue my lovelies!

So, soon you'll see.

This was just a quick-life-alert note.
Take care! And see you later alligators!

Infinite x's & o's...