Fall/Winter 08

This are the somethings I need/would like to have this fall/winter season. It's getting colder every day and I'm hardly prepared for it. 
(Note: this are random things I want, not necessarily trends from the runways or anything)

  1. A leather jacket. I spotted one the other day at the mall, and I'm so going back for it.
  2. I come from a place that is horribly hot, so winter for us is so light. But now I'm living in a another, way colder city, so I need coats and peacotas. I want colorful ones. Making-a-statement ones.
  3. Cardigans for everyday.
  4. Tights. Patterened tights and colorful tights. 
  5. Skirts, lots of skirts to wear with tights.
  6. Black dresses and pink dresses.
  7. A pair of black boots, a pair of b&w oxfords and a pair of color-shocking heels, like those hot pink ones.
  8. Gloves! I love gloves. Scarves and lots os brooches to pin them on scarves. Also, very thin belts.
  9. Lousy Shirts/blouses. Extra points if they have a tie/ribbon, a la Salvador Dalí.
  10. An oversized clutch and a very classic handbag.
  11. Lots of headwear, a red or fuscia knitted beret, and feathered headbands.
And that's it.
My quest for these items has already begun. What are you craving for this season?

Infinite x's & o's...
 M.B. Whimsical.


Gem said...

we're well into Spring here, and it's getting hotter every day, but i much prefer autumn and cooler weather style-wise because there's so much more you can do. In summer wearing any clothes at ALL is too hot here.

I've been searching for a nice leather jacket ALL YEAR!! It's so frustrating. Still looking...

M.B. Whimsical said...

I just bought one yesterday!
It's not thaaat good quality but it's really nice!

I totally know what you mean, I come from the seashore, and in the summer it's horribly hot...
and it sucked because I love cooler-weather fashion too...so here I'm so happy I'm getting to buy coats and trenches and scarves...
but hey, spring and summer sure have their brightside too, like sunbathing, hats, shorts, and dresses...

Thanks for your comment=)!
If I spot a nice leather jacket around the web I will let you know!