10 ways to fix a crappy day.

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As spontaneous as life can be, there are days that we can just categorize away and tag them as "bright", "historical", or "lazy". Yesterday wore a huge "crappy" label for me. 
It wasn't one of those everything-happened-to-me-and-wa-wa-wa days, it was one of those days you're just tired, sick, and sad for no reason at all. One of those days you just need to cry, and cry and cry until all that, well, crap, that had perhaps gotten accumulated from the past days for silly things like not sleeping well, being too hard on yourself, or not eating properly, is washed away. 
And so I did. I cried for no reason at all until it all went away. Today I woke up feeling healthy, happy, energized and loving life.  But yesterday while I tried to figure this out I came with 10 ways to fix these crappy days.

  1. Cry, cry , cry until you fall asleep or you burst up laughing.
  2. Watch an old hollywood film. (Right now I'm loving Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn, who else?)
  3. Create a mood/inspirational board, which is just a cork board or whatever full of things that inspire you make you happy, and little treasure you find around. 
  4. Grab a pen and let your hand roam freely. Don't stop, don't read, just write.
  5. Call a friend and talk about silly things, just goofy, silly stuff that make you both laugh.
  6. If you have money to spare go buy yourself a leather jacket. ( I did yesterday)
  7. Go for a run with a Happy Place Playlist.
  8. If you live by the sea, go take a dip. Close your eyes and feel the sun and the salt. Let the water swing you gently.
  9. Sing out loud & rather out of tune "La Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaff.
  10. Doze off to Friends or Sex and the City, the ultimate lift-me-up sitcoms.
What do you do to fix these kinda days?

Infinite x's & o's...
 M.B. Whimsical.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful tips - thank-you, lovely! :)

M.B. Whimsical said...

Thank you!
I'm glad you liked them.

Sarah Von said...

Fantastic ideas, M.B! My solutions usually involve snuggling multiple kittens at a time. Failing that, skyping far flung friends, thrifting, making something difficult and delicious, or dancing to some ridiculous pop.

M.B. Whimsical said...

pop never fails!