Fluorescent, neon glow-like opera. Wait, what?

I have a new type writer. Well, it's old. It was my sister's.
Very 90's. But I love it.
There's nothing more whimsical than a type writer. It's nostalgic, yet fashionable.
And very useful for the art projects I'm doing. I spent the whole afternoon getting used to it and wrote a little.

I found this the other day in a notebook and I typed it with it.

Ice cream...She just ran after and across the bridge getting soaked of operas and overtures. Photographs and boxes were hanging from the windows, slowly dangling to & fro -
French opera rang through the spaceless universe, high-pitched, black, splattered everywhere. Then everything became fluorescent neon glow-like.

Very, very weird. The thing is, I don't actually remember if I wrote it or I found it somewhere.
I think I did, because it's something I would write, and there are several words I like there, like operas, overtures, and neon.
Goodness, isn't it queer?

I've had a busy week, I'll write about what I've been doing later!
We've been having high school queen elections events and it's had us quite busy, but it's been a lot of fun.
Also, I've been able to catch up with some art.

I have a few things to write here, really, but I have lacked inspiration, I just have random scribbles in a notebook.
I think this Blog's been changing a little even when it's like a month old!
I'm trying to figure out the direction I want to take, but I guess life itself will guide me.

Oh and since it's Wednesday night...
  • I love Jackie Onassis (Jackie Kennedy). I've always loved her style, but today I watched a movie about her, and I'm head over heels! Not just for her classy and proper style, but for who she was. So whole and strong in every minute and aspect of her life. Well-mannered, and noble. I'm going to do some research on her...do I hear "role model"?
  • Wreck this journal.
    I found about this a few minutes ago and I fell in love!
    There's a big movement in Flickr, and it's all very inspiring.
    This is the "official" site, and while the link will not direct you to their home, you have to read that introduction!
    I've got plans for my moleskine.....
  • Expose yourself!
    This Wreck this journal, and the note. I loved what the user wrote about when you're an artist you peel your skin off completely. It's true. Most of the time, I feel reluctant of showing any of my artwork because I feel so utterly exposed. It's like standing naked in front of a crowd, while they peel your skin off and ask un-answerable questions.
    That happened to me today. A guy in my class grabbed my sketchbook, and when he saw my face he said: "Hey, if you're going to be an artist you have to be used to people watching and judging your art."
    He's right.

  • My new-old type writer.

  • Augustana's new EP (download "Sweet & Low" ASAP!)

  • My handwriting lately.

  • The following songs:
    Sweet & Low - Augustana
    Penny & me - Hanson (!!!)
    Say - John Mayer
    Love Song - Sara Bareilles
    Consequence of sounds - Regina Spektor
    Wasteland - Augustana

The rain is gonna fall, the sun is gonna shine. The wind is gonna blow, the wind is gonna rise...

Infinite x's & o's... (and lot's of fluorescent, neon stage lights)
M.B. Whimsical.

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