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I know. It's Sunday again. Just as I said, it was going to be kinda hard to keep writing now black in classes, but besides that, my mom gave a series of conferences all week long in the afternoons, so she took my laptop along. I was completely sans computer all week-long, 'till yesterday. And yesterday, I confess, I was to lazy to actually write something.

It looks like I missed quite a few things...Weekly Resolutions on Monday, Things I Love Thursday and now it's Sunday I was meaning to write our regular Treasure Cove...but instead I'm just going to talk about some random things in my week, some highlights of these seven crazy days...

It was sort of a crazy week. Getting up early again, back to our usual routines, yoga, homework, student's council stuff (our busy season is just starting), but it was nice having my life back in order. Sort of.

I'm back with exercise, that's a good thing. But I've had terrible sweet-things craving all week long, help!

School's kinda relaxed for now, since we're starting a new period, so we won't have exams for a while, well for about a week or two, just a quizz or two. But we're going to have quite some student's council work, so I'll still be on my toes.

Friday was a little weird. I had a tiny fit of drama, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. I arrived home from school, ate, and lied down watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. Settles me down right away. At night I was too tired to go out and I stayed in watching Juno and eating sushi with one of my best friends, neighbor, and future room-mate.

Truth: I haven't finished my spring cleaning yet. Shame on me! My room's been an awful mess for over a week, and even though I'm almost over, it's getting on my nerves. But I had never done such a deep-cleaning before, so I'm a little proud of myself.
I gathered everything I was throwing away in black plastic bags, but then realized I had mixed everything, so yesterday morning I spent a couple hours going through everything again to separate paper, plastics, etc., to see what can I take to the Recycling Center.
I had to work double but it's worth it. I'm becoming really, really afraid of Global Warming. I know there's not that much I can do for the moment, but I can help a little.

I finally watched Across the Universe with my dad. Yay!
Seriously, I've watched these movie about 5 times in the last two weeks. I love it way too much.
Thanks to my dad, of course, I've always been a huge Beatles fan, so I was thrilled when I heard about this movie, and I've actually waiting for it since last summer, and got to see in January. Since it isn't a big Hollywood movie, it wasn't displayed in cinemas here, except for one, but just for about 5 days! I went to see it, and it's now available in DVD so I've rented it a couple times.
But I just had to watch it with my dad, and yesterday I made him watch it with me.
I feel like you'll hear more about this movie from me soon.

Our yearbook is going to the printer tomorrow. Can't wait to see it. It's all really happening! High school's ending!
I've been friends with most of my friends for, like, forever, and we've been all like "Do you remember when we were in Kindergarten and we said, do you imagine when we're in High School?" and well, we're al now about to go our separate ways.
Now we have a short time left we've been doing a lot of fun things all together. Today we went to a water park, it's not that a big deal but I had never gone before, God knows why! It actually was pretty decent, clean and a lot of fun!
Oh, and I've been making the math and I'm leaving home in about 4 months. Gulp.

Talking about colleges, a while ago I was catching up with Miss Couturable and reading all about her college visits. It really makes me so jealous how someone is, well, lucky, to have the opportunity and the means to attend an Ivy League College. I'm a firm believer that you can do and achieve anything you want in your life, and that certainly implies working very hard. And I'm by no means implying Noel hasn't worked hard for everything she has, I'm not saying she's plainly lucky, but well, she was born with the opportunity of attending one of these great Universities, and I'm always proud and inspired by the way she never, ever, gives for granted what she has.
Reading through her entries, I fell in love with Yale. And I did some research and while I know I can't afford Yale University, and how complicated it would be since I have everything for my college all ready planned and all, I thought, why not a summer experience?
It's not that in-affordable (does this word even exist?), and If I work next year, sell some paintings or whatever, I could contribute for that! So I'm adding "Summer 2009 Yale Creative Writing" to my dream list. And I have decided that I'm going to work very hard this whole year to make it possible. Well, there's still to be seen what life's got for me this next year...maybe there are some other things in store, but this is something I would really like to do, so let's do it.

Changing the subject completely, one of the most useful things ever, is Google Reader, just type google reader in google search bar and ta-da! The quickest way to keep up with everything you want.

I know this isn't Treasure Cove, but I still have some things for you:
On personal style - Fanatique
Very, very good piece.
Edit, add, appreciate!
Thanks Gala, definitely one of my weekly resolutions too.
Talking about Global Warming...
Please do read Jared's Manifesto, found in The Story section.
I'm inspired, really.

And these are my Weekly Resolutions:
  1. Drink lots and lots and lots of water.
    I drank less than two l. everyday last week, and I'm still a little dehydrated because of spring break. My poor skin!
  2. Apply the Edit, add, appreciate thing (above)
  3. Finish with my room...but continue with the bathroom.
And there a few other things I'd like to do this week like paint a little, because I have to started painting I've been seriously and alarmingly neglecting; make a possible to-do list and actually cross out stuff I've done! Facial, done. Buying the medicine I need. Done. Dentist. Wait what?
No, seriously. I have a few appointments I need to make, including a free massage I have. Can you believe I've never had a massage before? No wonder I'm a stressed person.

Oh, and I'm desperate need for music! I've been listening to the same On-The-Go playlist all week long, and I'm fed-up on the same music. Any suggestions?

Have a wonderful week!
I know you'll all go out of your minds with all the amazing things life has for you this week.

Infinite x's & o's...
M.B. Whimsical.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I'm too tired to search for pictures at the moment.
I know you forgive me! -xo!

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