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Welcome to the capricious tales of M.B. Whimsical.
Tales about anything and everything as she travels through the nonsensical and unpredictable notions of life.
But who is M.B. Whimsical?

She is just an 18 year old girl, who's about to graduate from high school and is leaving home to pursue a career in visual arts. Since she was little she's loved stories, words, pictures, colors, unusual things and any form of expression. Being of such a curious and stubborn manner she's always had kind of a knack to find the extra in the ordinary things, and that's why she's fascinated with the most mundane stuff. (She's quite a hopeless romantic)
She also believes nothing in this world is ordinary.

In the future M.B., dreams of working in an important fashion magazine like Vogue, or Elle, as editor-in-chief or as creative director. She also dreams of creating a fashion line inspired in surreal and childish stories; writing and directing a movie; work for an advertising agency; being a photographer for the fore-mentioned magazine; paint as much as her hand can take and travel the world.

She believes that 2008 is going to be one of the best years ever because she is now aware of how much power she has to make things true and she has begun her journey on achieveing all these things. Also, one of her goals right now is to be a very happy person and being positive even when everything's going wrong.

At the moment she is trying to keep her grades up, focused on school's student council and on working on her little portfolio for college. She's trying to enjoy these last months home and make as many good memories as she can before she sets off for college.

M.B. Whimsical enjoys sunsets, art, The Beatles, fashion magazines, books, her ipod, iced tea, history, roadtrips, movies such as marie-antoinette and breakfast at tiffany's (don't forget about pride and prejudice), the word autumn, waking up early on Saturdays, midnight calls, yoga, rain and brand new black pens.

Oh and M.B. loves her big sis, her family and her friends.

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