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Hello, bunnyheads!
Happy Easter!
Did you found many hiding eggs?
I think everyone should look for eggs on Easter Day, it's so cute.
When I was little every Easter Day, my grandfather would wake my sister and me and we'd look everywhere around the garden for easter eggs, chocolate eggs and lots of candies. I was nostalgic today remembering that forgotten tradition.
If you don't celebrate well at least eat a chocolate or two, let's celebrate the Sunday!

I've got something for you. It's a Treasure Cove. A weekly Treasure Cove!
I happen to be quite an observer and a net-surfer, and often enough, I find very special treasures here and there. You see, treasures can be found everywhere. If you know where to look.
Hey, you just walked past one!

Just like Gala's Carousel and Miss Couturable's Sunday Six, I will post every week, some of the treasures I've found during the week.

Treasure Cove - Sunday, March 23rd

  1. One of my best friends sent me the link to this video just a while ago.
    He said, "Hey you've got to watch this! It's the best music video you'll ever see!"
    And he was right.
    One of the best songs ever, and one of the best performances ever.
  2. Twenty-something, Mae Jane, is in the middle of Quarter-Life Crisis.
    But aren't we all?
    Her blog is an artful manifesto about living life: a call to seize the day, and follow our own lead. Why settle with "normal" when you can have "extraordinary"?
    Full of awesome, speaking art, doc.u.menting, is worth checking out.
    Give it a read, this girl has something to say.
  3. This picture:

    All right, all right. I didn't find this. But I took it. That counts.
    Right from the middle of the ocean just for you.
  4. Blah, blah, blah. We talk our days away, but the truth is, we're terrible talkers.
    I found this in Gala's this week Carousel. I found it quite interesting, because communication is everything.
    I give you... 250 things you wish you know that will guarantee your speaking success.
    It helps to know these kind of things, even when you don't usually talk in public, and if you do, well then it might be very useful.
    (Last semester I had to give a speech in front of around 800 people + judges, and it can be quite terrifying.)
    5. And finally, a treasure I found in my drawer the other day. My old ipod, oh, how much I miss it. I bought a new ipod last December, and I love it, but I haven't been able to manage to extract all the music from the old one yet, and it contains lots of music I love.
    The battery died so it always had to be plugged. Quel drag!
    Luckily, I remembered my speakers work as a battery charger too, so I can listen to it again. Do you hear that? Memories coming from the speakers.

    What treasures did you find this week?
Infinite x's & o's...
M.B. Whimsical.

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