Treasure Cove - March 30th

Hello, beauitfuls!

Is it Sunday already? Well, times goes quite fast.
Holidays are almost over. I start classes on Tuesday. Back to reality, homeworks, students council stuff...as much as I would like to get back to my daily exercise routine, I don't really want to go school for two reasons:

First, because I'm tired of it. I just don't have any subjects I really like, and I think most of my professors have been slacking a little lately. Maybe it's all because I'm so thrilled about going to art school and about studying and learning things I actually like and enjoy. I can't wait to go!
But on the other hand, the other reason I don't want to go back it's because it's gonna be officially the beginning of the end. Clock's ticking...and this semester has passed away so fast, and so will this two months left. And then it's graduation. High school's over and it's time for all of us part away. I've known most of my friends since kindergarten or at least for more than a couple years, and we're a all going to different cities, two of my best friends to Canada for a year, other to travel around Europe, and even when some if us will coincide in the cities we're going, it's not gonna be the same. Still I know I will remain forever close with most of them.

It's going to be weird running the blog in school days, because I started this blog not quite long ago, and I've been working on it during holidays. But it's not going to be hard.

Now, I found some interesting this week...
  1. Red Leather Diary.
    Reclaiming a life through the pages of a lost journal, this journal, rescued by New York Time's young writer, was more than half a century forgotten in a dumpster. It brings back to life the glamorous story of an extraordinary, high-class young woman. For five years, not a day is missed.
    Horseback riding around Central Park, trips to Paris, London, Rome; art, dances, tea at Scharfft's and toasts at El Morocco, displaying the old New York's glamour.
    I think this book/journal would be an amazing read, and would truly show us how girls were back then.
    Talking about Mary Poppins.
    I can't wait to get this book.
  2. Artist's block?
    Here's some inspiration, or more like 50 pages of it.
    Got it from Gala's Carousel.
  3. Calling all aspiring Jackson Pollocks!
    Now you can create your own masterpiece.
    Click here for a good, solid dose of stress relief.
  4. 8 keys to instant charisma.
    Great piece. Something we should all know and learn.
  5. Chair Couture.
    I love chairs. Don't ask why, I simply do.
    Go see for yourself.
  6. What Puma & Adidas have to do with the Nazis.
    Quite very interesting.
I hope you had an amazing week, and please do enjoy your Sunday leisure with these links I give you.
Now I go to eat some lunch.

Infinite x's & o's...
M.B. Whimsical.

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